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"....having inherited a legacy of strength, endurance and resilience from my

ancestors; which allows me to pass it on"

"My mom taught me that studying breaks the cycle of poverty"."

Laura on her mom


photos by paola vivas

conclusion by Ella Torres

"The best part of growing up with my mama is that she teaches me Spanish, cooks really good food, gives me lots of love, teaches me the way of my ancestors, we do homeschooling, she’s my mother, my teacher and she’s beautiful"

Laxmi (daughter)

"...having so much love and affection was amazing but at the same time a very strict old fashion education that was the perfect combination to me. I am who I am because of those two worlds my Mom presented to me. The best values she thought me was compassion and respect which I carry with me daily"

Jil on growing up

"trust my instinct, to always know my ancestors are guiding me"


Laxmi on advice

I bring that warmth and happiness from home to my home, I try to make everyday fun and loud ( loud is always goo in our culture ) I’m beyond loving and affectionate to my daughter, and so is she, all that love and Closeness I had with my mom I want for my girl too, combined with the same values my mom and family taught me.

Ely on being a mother

In her latest project, photographer Paola  set out to enrich and expand our understanding of mothers. Speaking with a dozen women, Paola explored motherhood in all its complexities, contradictions and care. 


Hearing from specifically Latina mothers and their daughters, Mamas defies expectations and transcends cultural stereotypes. They are aunts, grandmothers, sisters, and sisters of sisters. They are abundant in their love and their criticism. They are protectors of the past and providers of the future. 


Through Mamas, Paola hopes this deeper exploration of mothers will serve as a source of strength for future generations of women. 

Ella Torres on Mamá





"In Latin America mothers represent a multitude of people, mamitas play a crucial role in our culture as divine nurturers as well as disciplinarians, strong yet delicate. Mamás are known for being attentive to their kids, especially, and for fiercely protecting them"


"My mom taught me to have an attitude of gratitude and always pay attention to the smallest details they will always reveal the bigger picture"


"inherited a legacy of strength, endurance and resilience from my ancestors; which allows me to pass it on.

Sharo on being a mom

" I admire her aesthetics, her always being "on top of her game", her "not mincing words", her nurturing that "little cow is always a calf" and carrying it with her head held high"

" I don't know if I can describe what it means to have a Latin mother. I haven't had a different one or of any other origin. I would say it's better to say, what it means to have a Latin mother, in London. That's when one can create a parallel or a comparison. Principles; what "morals" mean, views about sexuality, political issues... These topics no longer transcend from a simply generational point of view, as they might if we were still living in Latin America, but are forged in a socio-cultural context, where the "origin" provides an answer "

Mia on her mother

" order to keep peace one has to turn a blind eye sometimes" 

Mia on mother daughter relationships

"As parents, we see homeschooling as a holistic approach to cultivate Laxmi’s mind, body and soul.
For us is very important we nurture her in the fullness of knowing my mind and the fullness of knowing by heart, allowing her through a method of creative play to imagine new possibilities of being and knowing.
When wonder, beauty, sensitivity and imagination are present learning is meaningful"

Laxmi on homeschooling

" By being devoted to their children motherhood empowers them to do more and to enjoy life more. Women are held to much higher expectations within the household and in regards to raising their children than are men. We must continue to recognize and advocate for our cultural conditioning so it serves as a source of strength, rather than a burden, for future generations of women "

The greatest value I learned as a mother was to make the most of the available resources, even if they were very scarce"


Being a mother for me is a fundamental part of a circle, the circle of life.. Motherhood is something that is conceived internally and fully developed through

the children and emotions.

It is an infinite connection of feelings and responsibilities where both converge and become a complete projection of those little people whose branches you are the trunk from. In addition, Latin moms, in general, are part of a generational matriarchy.

Ana Maria 

" I love being a mom, my culture thoughts us to be super warm and super caring passed down from generation and generation. Love without limits and the availability most Latin moms who stay home have. the amount of time spent with my mom was priceless"

Ivonne on lessons

"... unconditional love and being always there for me"

" Mexico, the whole family unit usually stays very closely connected we hold very strong family ties and is deeply rooted in tradition, honour and loyalty"


Ivonne on family

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