paola vivas is a Mexican photographer, born and raised in the south of Mexico and currently resides between Mexico City and London.


paola, who studied Fashion Photography at the University of Arts London, is inspired by youth, colours and the delicacy of the female body; combining organic portraits with staged and composed images. paola explores femininity using digital and analogue mediums allowing the strength of her subject to remain a key part of the narrative. 

paola is currently in London working on personal projects ahead of the new year, exploring mundane moments in a pandemic era.

paola recently recorded a podcast episode on Female Gaze for Dior Talks available to listen here.


selected clients: dior, puss puss magazine, dna magazine mx, metal, elle mexico, wonderland magazine, rollacoaster, purple.fr, models.com, vogue italia, client magazine, violet book, jane by the grey attic, marieclaire la, nylon Jp,  wonderland magazine, indie magazine, teeth magazine, fuuucking young, the ones 2 watch, c-heads, l'officiel México, elle mexico, notion, indie, lula.


All images and rights reserved @paolavivasphotography.

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