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"My body is my home. My safe, soft shell...."

"Dancing! whenever I can, wherever I am! I dance all over London in the streets."

Imogen on pampering

The lack of movement pushed us to accept, forgiving and receptive, that each has its own way of dealing with turmoil. There are no right or wrong answers. Whether it is asking help from others in order to reconnect with oneself, or isolating to find peace. At the same time, it was not only pushing our minds to change, we saw our bodies change as well. Reshaping our interior and exterior, as we looked in the mirror each day and wondered who this person is, where do I go looking to find myself when I have lost my way?...


Freedom is understanding & compassion for ourselves and others. It's feeling safe enough to explore our truths, in all the ways they show up.  The times when that safety is present for me, I feel like my sense of freedom expands into every aspect of my life.”

Ronae on freedom

 So when I lose myself, I go within, remind myself to love myself, feed myself, and be gentle and patient with myself. But mostly, I push myself to reach out for help whenever I need whether through friends and family, books, or professional help.”


Jade on recovery.

“The place I grew up in, and the place I chose.”

Lou-Lilâ on home

Born out of mere curiosity of how peers navigated through these strange times, these photographs aimed to portray that private unfiltered self and capture a moment in time in a truthful way.


The product is a reminder of the calmness that overflows us when we feel safe, at home. We strive to capture the moments preceding the metamorphosis. That vulnerable state of being, nothing else, emphasize that imperfection is the true beauty.

"I feel free when I am in a new place. I love to just feel the space"

"Those moments that stop time. My grandparents passed during lockdown and I couldn’t go to say goodbye. The day they passed felt like it lasted so long, but at the same time, it was still 24h. Some moments were so still that I thought my heart was going to stop."


Rio on stillness.

"I can find myself by spending time alone. I need to date myself again and gain me back."

Paola on rescue.

 "... in the moment, in ourselves, the relearning curves, to appreciate and love being alone, appreciation. 

"Being able to prioritize myself and caring less  about what people may expect from me..."

David on new normal

"Knowing myself, who am I and why, without outside noise. Knowing I am enough and I am safe with myself."

"Home to me is literally where I feel the most comfortable, the safest, some of my friends are my home, my living space is my home.... my body is my home and my temple..."

paola v. on home

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 "I have been trying to go out as much as possible and connect with nature to get some sense of freedom..."

“I often go missing...

Who we are when no one is looking, could perhaps be the purest portrayal of the self. Behind closed doors, linger many universes created by unique minds. These multiverses were exacerbated in distress over the past year when the world as we knew it was transformed. Along with a global pandemic, came a lockdown. When it all started, we believed this mandatory confinement would be momentary. Soon enough, we all discovered that physical separation would linger for much longer than we had anticipated.

After, came the revelation that the stillness we were forced into, did not refer to inactivity, but to an incessant search for meaning. 

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